ABC Fire Extinguisher Spares
In the making and repair process of an ABC fire extinguisher, a number of ABC fire extinguisher spares are required. We have in store for you pressure gauge, safety pins, seals, valve, cylinder and much more. Just have a look at the range, and find the spares you need. 
Co2 Fire Extinguisher Spares
The range of Co2 fire extinguisher spares are developed to meet the demand of production and service personnel. Almost all parts of a Co2 fire extinguisher are replaceable, and these spares are needed most at times of part replacement. 
DCP Fire Extinguisher Spares
Buy from us DCP fire extinguisher spares are required during servicing and maintenance of DCP fire extinguisher. The periodic service and maintenance are essential to ensure the safe and full functionality of fire extinguisher in an event of fire. 
Hydrant Accessories
In an event of fire, a fire hydrant can protect the assets and structure of the building. Several parts and accessories are assembled to form a hydrant. Those in search for hydrant accessories can contact us. 
Mech Foam Fire Extinguisher Spares
Buy from us washer, nozzle, beck ring to many other mech foam fire extinguisher spares. These spare parts are needed in the maintenance work, as most parts of the fire extinguisher are replaceable.
Fire Sprinkler System
The types of Fire sprinklers that customers can buy from us are sidewall and pendent sprinklers. Apart from sprinklers in the sprinkler system, flexible droplet pipe and jet spray nozzles are also used. Customers can get these components for establishing a sprinkler system in the building. 
Co2 Gas Cartridge
Buy from us Co2 gas cartridge in capacities ranging from 30gm to 500gm. Customers can select the gas cartridge based on the type of the fire extinguisher. These are suitable for fire extinguisher of different sizes, like 1kg, 5kg, 10 kg and 25kg. 
Nitrogen Filling Machine
Our company supplies nitrogen filling machine to fire extinguisher manufacturers and service centers. This easy to operate and efficient machine enables operator to control the pressure. 
Fire Alarm Equipment
Buy from our premium range of Fire Alarm Equipment that are designed and developed by our skilled professionals using advanced technologies and heavy engineering materials. These safety units are available in many different shapes and sizes as per their working capacities.
Safety Signages
We are a renowned manufacturer of top-quality Safety Signages that are available in various designs and color options. The offered self-adhesive warning signs can be delivered to our customers as per their demands at a reasonable price range.
Fire Beater
Shree Fire Services offers the best-quality Fire Beater units that can be used in agricultural farms, dairy farms, and industrial places to extinguish the fire. Get these lightweight and sturdy tools from us in various sizes at a low price.
Aqueous Film Forming Foam
Aqueous Film Forming Foam solutions are fire suppressants that are made up of high-quality chemical ingredients with excellent capability to extinguish high degree flames. Buyers can get these fire-fighting liquids in sealed hard plastic containers.

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